Studio Rates

Hourly Rate


  • Photo Restoration

Project Rate

Minimum to start


  • Slide Show Presentations
  • Weddings & Events
  • Memorial Tributes
  • Maternity
  • Adult Video

Studio Rules & Policies

Client Obligations

  • Client needs to send all Digital media, with any specific instructions ie. Names, Dates, People etc.
  • If the client has their own vision, how the final project should look or sound, it must be put in writing, otherwise, you leave to my discretion how your final project should look & sound.
  • Photo Restoration Images have to be the highest quality, in order for me to give you a better finished product.
  • (Photo restoration final images) I will email you a smaller size master for you to look at for your approval. 
  • Then upon payment I will send you the final full resolution master.

Studio Obligations

  • I will provide you with a finished production, including color correction, when needed. Intro Graphics/ Titles.  Images will be resized as needed, for proper sizing whether watching on a cell-phone, tablet, laptop or Desktop PC. This will include a soundtrack of various songs, or my choice of soundtrack.
  • I will give you an approximate time frame for completion. Completed Projects will be streamed via my server
  • (Photo restoration final images) I will email you a smaller size master for you to look at for your approval.
  • Then I will send you the Final full resolution master, which you will love.

Payment Policy

  • 25%Confirming Project
  • 25% Once all the media is delivered & approved via upload link on site
  • 50% when Project is Complete, it will be posted online @
  • If the project is not paid in full, it will be taken off the server

Refund Policy

  • Due to the nature of Custom work, when all the Client and Studio obligations are met, there are no Refunds
  • No Exceptions

Changes & Revisions

  •  Refer to” Client obligations” Slide Shows, Wedding or Event Video that are left to my discretion will be charged at Current Studio rate of $60.00 per hour.

Flash Drive for your Finished product

  • $150.00 Includes a Rose Gold 32GB Flash Drive, along with your complete video in High resolution, to watch .on your Large Screen TV.
  • Free Delivery 


Since 1985, it has only happened to me twice. Once was client error, the other was mine!  The client’s mistake was taken care of  for additional Studio Time. My Mistake was my own to fix. Both clients were extremely happy with the end result

  • The most difficult question to answer, considering most people are comparison-shopping based solely on price.
  • The cost of producing a video can vary greatly. You can pay many different prices, depending on the company you call.
  • Comparison shopping only works when searching for a product, with exact same features as another, the lower price wins every time.
  • The same does not hold true when comparing custom family heirlooms. Where is the difference?
  • The answer is Talent & Experience. These two elements are so important, neither one can be bought, or learned from a book.
  • When you are comparison-shopping, the pricing typically reflects those two things. You are paying for Talent & experience!
  • Call me, and I will give you a price quote.
  • I could tell you numerous things, so will everyone else, there are real differences in all of us.
  • First of all, being passionate. You have to love what you do, to work in this art form.
  •  On your project or anyone else, I want it to be perfect.
  • Some of the projects in the Portfolio will be used for Future family heirlooms,
  • Honoring a family, or a special person is my gift to you
  • My work has a classic look. No cheesy effects.
  • For many years I have produced Short form Video. When you show this to friends & family, you & they don’t want to suffer through a long epic.
  • Keep in mind, a 30 sec commercial can show you so much, and have an effect on you to buy their product
  • My videos are meant to grab & hold your emotions, I’ve been doing this for decades, it’s all about pacing & emotions.
  • My trained eye tells me what to do. I know that isn’t a good answer, but honestly, I know what to do, to enhance the photo, or remove buildings, people, plants- whatever.
  • I will know within moments whether or not I can work on the image.
  • You can provide me with a song list, then from there I can search. I have a very vast library of music
  • If I don’t have the particular song, then you will need to provide it in digital form.
  • You can contact me via email.
  • Text me your questions
  • Call me! We can go into more detail.
  • Video call is fine, but I’m ugly without makeup