These are not filters you can do on your Cell Phone. All of the photos here were custom done.
Painting out backgrounds, eliminating people, bringing life back into Family Photos

This Special Couple, didn't have a picture together. They asked me if I could create a family heirloom for future generations This was tricky since one was color, the other in Black in White, They loved what I did.

Client wanted scratch removal, and wanted his Mom & Dad colorized. He was amazed by the colors, especially in his dad's tie. He also loved the contrast of a Black & white background, with his parents in color

Client didnt want the car, or the person in the shot, whilst keeping the background & roadway untouched.

This young man wanted a Graduation pic on a Motorcycle. He sent me this pic and asked me for something dramatic . I painted his backyard out, and placed him in a wooded area.

This was at a Memorial Service for a very special Man. Family & friends were there to say goodbye. I felt the sky, needed something to honor his memory. The clouds & the glow shining from the building spoke to me., in a very spiritual way

This particular pic of the doves, with cell tower in the lower right. I could've cropped the picture, but my professional eye told me to do this the right way. I rid the photo of the tower, and added the sky. A much more powerful image of releasing doves at this memorial.

Another great picture of doves flying free. At the very bottom, you will see the arms reaching up into the heavens, again my trained eye told me this needed something to make this incredible image pop. The sky, in my opinion enhances this incredible tribute to a Loving Man