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Honoring Memories Dreamaker Video

Number One Question:

Every Company I call, has a different price

How much does a Video cost?

The most difficult question to answer, considering most brides are comparison-shopping based solely on price. The cost of a wedding video can vary greatly. You can pay $500 to $5000 and beyond, depending on the company you call.

Comparison shopping only works when searching for a product, with exact same features as another, the lower price wins every time. The same does not hold true when comparing wedding video. If everyone can buy the same equipment, learn the terminology, or pay a fee to join a wedding video association. Where is the difference?

The answer is Talent & Experience. These two elements are so important, neither one can be bought, or learned from a book. When you are comparison-shopping, the pricing typically reflects those two things. You are paying for Talent & experience!

If you would like our pricelist click here

How is Dreamaker Video different?

I could tell you numerous things, so will everyone else, there are real differences in all of us.

First of all, being passionate. After capturing your footage, there are no time limits polishing your video, editing with graphics, scene changes, pacing, and music, until it's done, no exceptions.

My work has a classic look, Without all the cheesy effects, dating your video. Subtle dissolves or fade to black,a technique in use since the beginning of Film, the only effects I use.

Lastly, when you Google for Wedding Video. So many choices. I encourage the comparison. Ny style set me apart. My work speaks for itself.

If I have someone in my family shoot the video, could you edit it for me later?

A close friend or family member will save some money initially. Our current editing rates would exceed any money saved.

Even with the best intentions, they are not Professionals

There is a world of difference between “Uncle Charlie” capturing your Wedding Day, and an experienced Videographer.

What type of Equipment, do you use?

On the surface this may seem to be an important question. Many companies will state, having the best camera or editing system, giving the appearance of the Best Wedding Video.

A fair assumption if it were based on fact .Purchasing the Best Equipment does not insure talent or artistry. In case you are still wondering, I use only High-Definitiion video and edit using Avid Media Composer.

What really matters is not the equipment, but the content.

The Story.

Your Story.

What if I dont like my Video?

In 28 years it has never happened. Some people laugh at this answer, thinking I am exaggerating. Many years ago when I first started, I decided to offer Wedding video for Free, Yes for free to get the experience!!!

I bet you wish you knew me then ;)

A brief glimpse at my first Video.

When the first wedding was taped, I knew the flow of events, but didn't know which to capture, so I captured everything, and I mean everything. When I delivered the finished, edited version to the Bride & Groom, we watched it. You could have heard a pin drop. I thought OMIGOD, they hate it. The Bride looked at me crying. I thought THEY REALLY HATE IT. The Bride smiled, with tears in her eyes. Their reaction floored me. Then another Wedding, same reaction. It didn't take long to see I was on to something.

I've always had an awesome rapport with people, being female certainly helps..... especially for Wedding Video :)

The most incredible way to make a living, sharing a Special Day with Special People.

Your Wedding Video is my Wedding Video. My heart goes into every shot.

Getting back to the original question, What if I don’t like my video? Nope won’t happen..............It never has!!

Will you use bright lights at my Reception?

A "small" light on my camera. 20 watt bulb, with diffusers to soften, as much as possible. Don’t be fooled by videographers stating lighting is not necessary.

There isn't a Television show, or movie filmed, without lighting of some sort.

LIGHTING...The biggest difference. Amateur and Professional.

Do you do this full time or Part Time?

Dreamaker Video is my only vocarion. Many others have full time careers, freelancing weddings on weekends,having far less to lose, if they botch a Wedding video.

Use good Judgement in your choice, especially for the reason I mentioned above.

My reputation must be upheld, if I did anything to tarnish that I would be out of business.

"Secondly, Capturing and creating is my passion." For a freelancer it is extra income.

I’m really busy, I don’t have time to watch a Demo, I just need to know how much it is?

I totally understand time constraints a Bride is under. A wedding video isn't buying a Television, there are many factors to consider.

A wedding video is an incredible personal decision, such as trying on that special Wedding Dress. When you put it on, you just know, no other explanation is needed.

The same holds true searching for videography, so many to choose from, so many prices. When you watch it, you will know.

Do you capture guest interviews?

This is one thing I try to avoid. My experience has shown people despise camera Lights and Microphone placed in their way.

Keeping that in mind, this is your Wedding Day, If you want Guest interviews, I will do my best to be unobtrusive as possible.

The most important interviews to capture: The bridal party ,Moms & Dads on both sides and Grandparents. These are the interviews that are the most emotional. the most remembered.

Do I work well with Photographers?

Of course, we are both there to capture your important day. I consider Photography and Video to be a team effort. It will definitely show in your pictures and video.

How long is the finished Video?

For the last 10 years I have been producing very short 30-minute edited videos. This is a brief rundown of what I can include in 30 minutes.

Baby pictures

An engagement Love Story

Bride & groom getting ready

The Ceremony vows

The entire reception

Photo collage at the end

All this within 30 minutes, without missing a beat

How do I do this?

Talent & Experience

Can we select our own Music for the Video?

One of my favorite questions!! The right music sets the tone for your Wedding Video. I have the largest Musical Selection, well over 20,000 songs of most any genre.

If your video has a classic look, it should have a classic soundtrack.

I try to fit the soundtrack to the Wedding Couple. The music should enhance the mood and help you relive the moments.

At the Movies, when two people in Love, Kiss. Listen to the music, how it draws you in. The moment becomes more magical & romantic. the same holds true for your Love Story. Editing is the Magic, Key ingredient

Benefits of choosing Dreamaker Video

  • All the Shooting & Editing is done by me, or my son, No subcontractors
  • Most of the time you won’t even know I am there…Real Important!!!
  • A truly unique Video, you and your Family will Love.
  • I feel,I am the best at what I do
  • Wedding Video My Specialty, what I love doing the most.
  • Image Restoration
  • I have a Real Passion for this Art Form

A question I ask every bride after she books with me Why did you choose Dreamaker Video?

The overwhelming response is:"I like You,& feel extremely comfortable knowing my Video is in good hands."

I try my best to get to know every couple, on the Wedding Day, you are more at ease being in front of the camera.

When you are relaxed, you will enjoy your Wedding Day even more.

I hope that your Questions have been answered on this site. If you would like our pricelist click here

Congratulations On Your Wedding day, and finding the Love of your Life!

Kristina McCarthy

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